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1995-2006  1995-2006  A Huntsville classic  Operated as independent from 1969-1985 on Alabama Cablevision/TelePrompter/Group W(now Comcast)  Was later know as CHRM-17 on Cable Alabama(now Knology)

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I have been interested in the TV/radio medium as a hobby since the early '70's. My dad built my brother(Vance) and I a low power radio station in 1971 and I have been interested in it as a hobby ever since. Below is an article for "The Mini Page" in "The Birmingham News" done by Huntsville's own Joyce Jones in 1976. Click here for the audio from a WAAY-TV Brenda Wood story about the station done in 1977. CLICK HERE  I even did a satellite-distributed oldies radio show in the mid '80s on "FM America" beaming across the US, Canada and Mexico.



1971      1977 Birmingham News Kids Page  /   Brenda Wood(now at WXIA/Atlanta) also did a piece on WAAY/31 about the same time.






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